Stag’s state-of-the-art craft bakery on the Isle of Lewis uses traditional methods and only the finest ingredients. Add a healthy measure of creativity and you have a range of award-winning products for every occasion.

The bakery’s speciality is savoury biscuits. Stag produces its signature Water Biscuits in two sizes and a variety of flavours designed to pair well with any kind of cheese. The Water Biscuits are also versatile carriers for meats, fish and pâté. For completely unique flavour, the Seaweed Water Biscuits are sure to liven up any cheeseboard and were named Best Scottish Speciality Product in 2013 by the Guild of Fine Food.

To complement the savoury biscuit range, Stag has also created a range of puff pastry Cheese Straws. Perfect for pre-dinner drinks, the rich all-butter Cheese Straws are made with carefully selected Scottish speciality cheeses and pair beautifully with wine.

Stag’s newest product range is the Hebridean Baker sweet biscuit collection. This is a collaboration between Stag and the Hebridean Baker himself, Coinneach MacLeod, author of two cookbooks on baking and the Hebridean way of life. A year in the making, the range is made of up three varieties of Oaties and three varieties of Shortbread, including the Mixed Berry Oaties, winner of a Gold Award at the 2023 Farm Shop & Deli show.