Easy to use, easy to store and easy on the planet! Wash With Leaf is here to revolutionise your laundry experience by creating a hassle-free solution. The innovative detergent sheets redefine convenience and with their game-changing format, it is designed to deliver a flawless wash without the need for plastics, powders or liquids. It’s time to Leaf the laundry hassles behind!
Operating effectively from temperatures as low as 20 degrees, Wash With Leaf’s sheets reduce your carbon footprint and energy consumption, making laundry both eco-friendly and cost- efficient. Simply pop the sheets into the drum of your washing machine, and witness the magic as they dissolve effortlessly, leaving no residue behind.
With both Bio and Non-Bio options, they offer a sustainable and effortless laundry solution for delicates, darks, colours, whites and even sportswear, ensuring exceptional cleaning results with every sheet.
But that’s not all - these versatile sheets aren’t limited to machines, they’re perfect for handwashing, making them the ultimate travel companion for your holiday getaways. Ensuring clean clothes wherever you roam, they’re an essential must-have for your adventures!
Wash With Leaf guarantees 1 Sheet = 1 Wash. Always!

Why stock Wash With Leaf? 

  • Bringing convenience to laundry, wash at low temperatures by hand or in the washing machine.

  • Dissolves instantly, leaving no residue, for a brilliant clean everytime!

  • Wash With Leaf’s microplastic free sheets are gentle on skin and gentle on the planet.