Hooper’s ‘Tastes Just Like` whole-hearted comfort and authentic Britain, bringing back happy memories of proper British experiences such as happy days at the British seaside, or big family get-to-gethers.

A sip of one of our nostalgic flavours unleashes a taste of familiarity that reminds you of those cherished old times, the ones we know and love.

Hooper’s Dandelion & Burdock
A sparkling alcoholic brew inspired by the traditional process of fermenting dandelions and burdock thistle roots to deliver a burst of tantalising fruitiness and tones of aniseed which blend to a subtle, spicy finish.

Hooper’s Plum & Sloe
Plum & Sloe delivers true refreshment and is made with real British ingredients. The rich tones of plum are perfectly brewed with delicious sloes. Ideal partnered with a hearty pie or a comforting crumble.