The facility maintains Salsa approval, rigid annual Health inspections & the Company is a member of the Scottish Bakers Association.
Our four Savoury Biscuits are great to eat on their own or with a wide selection of International & Scottish cheeses. We use Orkney cheese which is smoked & blended to create the Smoked Cheese Biscuits. Beremeal is an ancient Barley, now extremely rare & produced on only 100 acres of Medieval Orkney soil. Barony Mill built in 1873 is still used to grind the Ancient Barley to create our traditional recipe of delicious Biscuits, Oatcakes & Shortbread. 
Our traditional recipes are used to create a Rustic & a Sundried Tomato range. Our butter Shortbread is made from Orkney Butter which is produced from the lush salty grasses where the cattle graze.
To enhance our range, we have recently developed 5 delicious Cake slices, using Shortbread & Fudge from our own production. We are using recipes passed down from four generations of the Family bakers. Each box contains five individual scrumptious slices, Millionaires Shortbread, Caramel Slice, White Frosty Fudge, Honey & peanut slice and Chocolate Brownies. A number of Good Food awards have been achieved ascertaining to the range.
Our Fudge is produced in impulse & gift box packaging. We work in partnership with Highland Park, Kirkjuvagr Gin & J. Gow Rum creating a wide range of Fudge flavours.
We have created a visual Boxed Retail range that crosses through 14 products & new recipes are presently being developed.

Why stock Orkney Bakery? 

  • Handmade Artisan Retain Products.

  • Magical Romantic Island image.

  • Local ingredients used in the Recipes.