Discover Marleybones pantry fresh® dog food, gourmet treats and toppers. This women-founded, dog-centred brand are disrupting the traditional processed pet food industry with fresh, shelf-stable meals that are gently steam-cooked to retain all their natural goodness without the need for freezing or harsh processing.
Their natural and superfood-rich meals and treats include 60% fresh meat and fish, vegetables, seeds, and superfoods. The range is served in fully recyclable and certified plastic neutral packaging. Having already won hearts among thousands of satisfied pet parents, the brand has achieved a 4.8 rating on Trustpilot.
Marleybones offers a great alternative to traditional processed pet food and frozen diets by providing pantry fresh® meals that deliver the nutritional benefits of a home-cooked diet served in a convenient pantry- and planet-friendly packaging.
The range is carefully crafted to provide the best nutrition for dogs with easy-to-serve meals that fit into a modern lifestyle, providing pet parents a guilt-free and convenient option for their beloved companions.
All products are grain, gluten and sugar-free, with no colours, fillers or flavourings, along with no preservatives, derivatives, artificial additives or ingredients.
Their product line-up caters to dogs of all life stages, from playful puppies to wise seniors, ensuring that every member of the dog family can enjoy the benefits of the range. Because sometimes only the best will do.

Why stock Marleybones? 

  • Fresh, natural and superfood-rich meals: 60% meat and fish, vegetables, seeds and superfoods that are gently steam-cooked. None of the nasties!

  • Better for your dog, better for the planet: Recyclable, certified plastic neutral packaging.

  • Already won hearts: Rated 4.8 on Trustpilot with customers getting on average +700 meals.