Bini Ludlow's culinary journey started in Bradford West Yorkshire, learning traditional Gujarati cooking from her mother and aunties at a young age. Her venture, Bini Ready Meal Curries, draws inspiration from family recipes and various Indian regional cuisines. Each dish boasts a distinct blend of spices, capturing the flavours of different parts of India. The recipes remain true to the authentic Indian home-cooked style, crafted in small batches to ensure rich textures and genuine tastes.

The menu comprises eleven award-winning dishes, including five meat and six vegetarian options, with five being vegan. Rooted in the culinary traditions of Gujarat, known for its intricate spicing, Bini also explores the tastes of Southern Indian cuisine with coconut milk, coconut oil, and curry leaves, as well as the robust spicing of Northern India.

Bini takes pride in sourcing local Somerset British free-range chicken, goat, and lamb meat, making her curries ethical and flavourful. Moreover, all dishes are gluten-free, accommodating diverse dietary needs. The frozen ready meals have a 12-month shelf life, offering convenience without compromising on quality or taste.

Why stock Bini Ready Meals?

  • Diverse and authentic flavours
  • Handmade with quality ingredients
  • Ethical sourcing and dietary accommodation