Discover the heart-warming world of Klepper & Klepper, a cherished Dutch family brand defined by quality and great taste. Founded in the bustling marketplace of Alkmaar, our journey began in 1990 with a candy stall which has led to many years of sharing the joy of Liquorice.

Their crowning achievement, The Best Liquorice Ever, offers an exquisite fusion of Sweet, Salty, and Honey creating delicious well-balanced flavours. Notably, it's gluten and gelatine-free, ensuring availability to a much wider audience who can relish its magic. They are also deeply committed to sustainability, using bio-compostable packaging to tread as lightly as possible on the planets eco system.

Inclusivity is their mantra, as they cater to various dietary needs, including vegan preferences. Sourcing most of the ingredients locally, they are supporting the community while reducing carbon emissions by limiting transport.

This story is ever evolving, developing new flavours to experience with a focus on quality and most decisively the taste.

Why choose Klepper & Klepper? Because they are more than a brand – It’s a family legacy firmly entrenched in quality products that are sustainable, and with an unforgettable range of flavours. Every bite is an invitation to join their journey, a journey of tradition, innovation, and the creation of joyful moments. Welcome to this fantastic world in which we are thrilled to have you along for the ride.

Why stock Klepper & Klepper?

  • Great Taste Award Winning Premium Liquorice
  • Gluten and Gelatin free
  • Bio compostable packaging