All businesses and homes now have a requirement for alcohol hand gel. It is part of our everyday life. Trusted for our consistent high-quality standard by the food industry, demand led for a quality Alcohol hand gel with min 70% alcohol. Our Alcohol Hand Gel is made with 70% alcohol and contains a cosmetic emollient to help keep hands soft .It conforms to BE EN 1500 and BS EN 1276 European standards and is packaged in 3 sizes.150ml squeeze bottle with a flip top lid for personal use.500ml with pelican pump for higher footfall communal areas and a 5 litre bottle to top up the 150ml and 500ml bottles reducing the environmental impact and recycling, whilst being very cost efficient. Both smaller sizes are packed 6 units to the case and the 5L is sold in single units.

Use within your business and make it a retail proposition to your customers.

MSDS available upon request.

Imaginative Cuisine supplies many top tier restaurants and hotels in the travel, leisure and hospitality sector encompassing exports to over 29 countries for our innovative product ranges. Their heritage is from professional kitchens and the products are a benchmark in the industry.