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Days combine locally sourced Scottish water and premium malt barley with a unique alcohol-free brewing process to create a range of crisp, fresh and sessionable beers that are truly 0.0%. Proudly born and raised in Scotland, they’ve developed their own brewing process that’s specifically designed to never produce alcohol. This allows them to protect all of the flavour and integrity of their ingredients without the need to use heat treatment to remove anything. It’s the secret to their award winning clean and refreshing taste.

As part of their “Days Duty” initiative, they give 2% of all sales to mental health projects which allows them to impact not only their consumers but also the community around them. This duty mirrors the Duty that alcohol companies pay the government but they use it to help their community lead happier, healthier lives.

Why stock Days Brewing?

  • Award winning 0.0% beers
  • Vegan friendly
  • Premium British ingredients