Ecozone is a family-owned business. Created by a family for families.

20 years ago, Ecozone set out to create cleaning products that work, with no nasty hidden ingredients and no compromises while working to ensure everyone could have access to them.

They went back to basics which meant they needed to create products with plant-based and natural ingredients. Plants are the inspiration behind all of their formulas. It’s their belief that no-one should have to think too hard about how to lead a sustainable life, they feel it should just be. To help make it second nature, they went back to nature.

They are an environmentally conscious company and are aware that Co2 levels have been significantly rising over the last few decades due to a number of reasons; from the industrialisation of animal agriculture, general over-consumption of products, to mass manufacturing of just about anything. They're also conscious about the extra toxic chemicals and waste that are going out into the oceans and landfill because of this.

They truly believe that all should have access to healthy and affordable cleaning products without compromise. For them, making it honest is their only mission.

All Ecozone products are now PETA accredited.