The Free & Easy range is made with love in our own UK factory and includes a variety of products including fragrant soups which cover every need. From classic tomato soup, perfect for cold evenings to a sweet potato and quinoa soup which is fantastic on a hot summer’s day. Our soups are made with high quality organic ingredients whilst staying away from most common allergens, and we’ve even made some low salt alternatives too.

Also included in the Free and Easy range are a range of hearty ready meals – low fat and organic, each with their own distinctive flavours. Free and Easy ready meals are inspired by dishes made around the world, from a hearty English hotpot to a Mexican inspired chilli or a tagine with a taste of Morocco. A culinary feast whatever the season!

Add to the range a delicious falafel mix with an authentic texture and lovely hint of coriander and a helpful egg replacer, gluten free and vegan making it perfect for all kinds of home baking, from cakes and meringues to pancakes. It’s also low in fat and free from preservatives.