We currently have five distilled gins on the market; our flagship Kirkjuvagr (43% ABV), Arkh-Angell - ‘Storm Strength’ - (57% ABV navy strength), Harpa (41% ABV), Aurora (42% ABV) and Beyla, our raspberry and Orkney honey Old Tom (40% ABV). Each of our gins is characterised by the use of locally grown botanicals, including a variety of Norse Angelica brought to the islands by seafarers centuries ago. We grow these botanicals in partnership with the Orkney Agronomy Institute in Kirkwall, ensuring consistent quality throughout the harvest. The approach we take to our craft is unmistakably Orcadian, merging tradition with innovation and the quest for excellence.

When creating the Kirkjuvagr Orkney Gin recipe, we discovered a local legend that spoke of a variety of Angelica brought to the islands by Norsemen centuries ago. This Angelica, Archangelica, can still be found growing wild today. It became one of our defining ingredients, complementing a unique blend of local botanicals, including Ramanas Rose, Burnet Rose and Borage. Uniquely, we've also used traditional Orkney bere barley in our recipe. Our Orcadian botanicals have been specially grown and handpicked for us by the Agronomy Institute of the University of the Highlands and Islands, at their site overlooking Kirkwall Bay - and now, each of these species feature in our very own botanicals garden in Kirkwall. Find out more about our gins on our website at https://www.orkneydistilling.com/