The B Corp Certificate is increasingly recognised as a label which highlights companies with exceptional environmental and social standards.


To become a B-corp company you have to reach an impact score between 80 and 200 on the impact assessment upon application.


Meet our partner suppliers that are, like us, a certified B-Corporation:

Ossa Organic  | Certified since April 2017 | Impact Score: 82

Ossa Organic is delighted to announce its certification as the 135th company in the UK to become a B Corp and proud to join this global group of change makers.


Catherine Farrant, Founder of Ossa Organic commented "We believe this is a defining moment for Ossa Organic, made even more powerful by having been achieved so early in our journey. We are young and therefore nimble, allowing us to move and adapt faster to make positive change for future generations. I could not be more proud."

We use renewable energy for production and have a sustainable home office, a green car and use eco delivery methods. 


What a Melon (Solution Sciences)  | Certified since January 2016 | Impact Score: 84


One Water | Certified since July 2015 | Impact Score: 105