London Fermentary was developed under their main business Puntarelle & Co, which sells fresh, seasonal and sustainable fruit and vegetable produce. Puntarelle was founded in 2014 by Elena in Bermondsey, London. After 15 years of working in Borough Market selling produce, Elena began to tackle the wastage from Puntarelle and London Fermentary was born in 2017. To this day, all of London Fermentary’s production and manufacturing has remained in Bermondsey and is produced from scratch by a team of dedicated fermenters.

Fermentation is a part of Elena’s heritage roots having grown up in Eastern Europe, where fermentation for the winter months was essential. However, she used her knowledge from working at Borough Market and Puntarelle, to change the traditional fermentation ingredients and create fermentation blends for health reasons.

London Fermentary did a lot of product experiments and tastings with their retail customers, developing products, following their customer feedback and saving Puntarelle leftovers, they worked closely with their customers to create the zero waste range that they have today.

London Fermentary's range are not only delicious and healthy, but their sustainable glass jars showcase the vibrant fermented products, complimented by minimal and feminine branding on the packaging. They have achieved a total of 10 great taste awards and received a range of 1-3 stars. Due to consecutively gaining stars over the space of 3 years, London Fermentary holds the prestigious Great Taste Producer badge.

Why stock London Fermentary?

  • Female Founded
  • Produced in London, UK
  • Great for gut health and overall wellbeing