Bold Bean Co, are on a mission to make you obsessed with beans. These premium jarred, heirloom beans, are specifically sourced from the best possible climate to ensure you’re getting the best taste and quality in every bite.

The journey started in a basement flat in Madrid when Founder Amelia, was a student with very little to do and found herself hungry and lazy! After eating butter beans straight from the jar, Amelia remembered the moment and the taste of natural, creamy and sumptuousness beans! After spending three years working in the food sustainability space, working along-side top London chefs Amelia created her range of beans.

Each bean variety are heriloom, prioritised for flavour over yield and sourced from the best possible climate for each variety. 

Why stock Bold Bean Co?

  • Made from natural ingredients, a natural source of protein, packed with fibre and vitamins
  • Great for Vegans, beans are the most natural meat replacement
  • Plastic free packaging