Azienda Agricola Fusero is a family-owned business located in Savigliano, Italy. The brand has a rich history that dates back over 40 years, when Mario Fusero made a commitment to transform the family long-standing farming activity and rearing of Frisone cows into the production of high-quality milk while preserving the environment using sustainable farming practices.

From the field to the milk, every step of the production process is carefully monitored to ensure the highest quality product. The Frisone cows are housed in spacious cowsheds with straw bedding that protects their hooves and promotes animal wellness. The cows are individually monitored for health and activity, and fed 95% hay and fodder grown on the farm for optimal nutrition. To ensure high-quality milk while respecting the physiology of the animals, the cows are milked only twice a day.

In 2016, with the assistance of his sons Alessandro and Matteo, Mario began transforming the milk into exceptional products, including a dessert range of Panna Cotta boasting of a wide selection of traditional Italian flavours. The brand's commitment to preserving the environment remains a top priority, and they recently updated their packaging to a lighter, eco-friendlier version that also allows for easier plating, ensuring the entire experience reflects the high quality of their products.

Overall, Azienda Agricola Fusero is a brand that has demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainable farming practices, animal welfare, and high-quality products. Their rich history and dedication to preserving the environment have earned them an exemplar reputation in the agricultural industry.

Why stock Fusero?

  • Made with exceptionally high-quality Italian milk
  • Wide selection of traditional Italian flavours
  • Light and eco-friendly packaging