Our founder Julianne knows first-hand the feeling of missing out and not being able to pick and choose freely what to eat when out and about. So we knew that there was an opportunity to improve what’s on the snacking shelf and improve the experience for everyone. We tick all the boxes of natural, vegan, and ethical, but being allergy-friendly is our main objective, so making delicious food for all is our goal. In short, we want every single person to be able to pick up one of our packs and feel they are getting the pure foody pleasure they deserve.

Creative Nature’s multi-award-winning range of snacks and baking mixes offer your customers risk-free treats that anyone can enjoy. From the UK’s first ever 2 Gold Star-winning cold-pressed snack bar (Goji Goodness) and first Gold Star-winning high protein snack (Apple Pie), to the UK’s most inclusive range of baking mixes, ticking ALL the boxes, Creative Nature has it all.

Why stock a different brand for different allergens, when you can save valuable shelf space with snack bars and mixes that cater for all the top 14 allergens, vegans, kosher and no refined sugars or syrups!