1. Paul Hargreaves: Change is Coming

    This week Paul looks as the positive changes that are happening in the speciality food sector thanks to Covid 19.

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  2. Paul Hargreaves: Moving to a new normal?

    This week Paul looks at how we can use this time in lockdown to change our behaviours and move a new normal post COVID-19.

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  3. CF Blog: Snacking Habits

    It may not come as a surprise that as an office of foodies, the team here at Cotswold Fayre love a snack, there are a few sweet teeth but the majority of us are all about something crunchy, salty and savoury.

    In these unprecedented times, the perfect time for a snack is basically anytime you want one. Some of us need a mid-morning snack, some get the 3pm munchies, but most of us just can’t stop raiding the cupboard for something to nibble on. When we’re browsing the supermarkets, most of us are impulse buying snacks, if I’ve popped to the shops for one thing, you can guarantee that I’ll walk out with arms full of delicious snacks (must stop going shopping when I’m hungry). 

    The Snacking Category is really important for our customers too, us impulse buyers are doing them a massive favour! Snacks can act as a pick-me-up when you’re hungry on the go or a treat to reward yo

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  4. Paul Hargreaves: Could COVID-19 help us be a Force for Good?

    This week Paul looks at how the impact of COVID-19 might be able to change the world for good. 

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  5. Paul Hargreaves: COVID-19 Update 3

    This week Paul gives an update on COVID-19 and it's impact on the industry so far.

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  6. Paul Hargreaves: COVID-19 Update

    This week Paul talks about the resilience in the food industry.

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  7. Spotlight On: Snacks

    Crisps are undoubtably the king of snacks, but now people are becoming more conscious of what they put in to their bodies, your average potato chip just isn’t going to cut it any more. We saw popcorn rise in popularity a couple of years ago thanks to its low calories and being able to lend itself to sweet or savoury flavours, and crisp alternatives are still proving popular. Vegetable crisps have been around for a while, but now we are seeing innovation; Wholesums are ‘popped’ vegetable crisps which are packed full of fibre but with fewer calories are a great option.

    Salt may be the most common flavour for our savoury snacks, but we live in a global society which means trying interesting new flavours and textures is still important to us. Expanding flavour ranges or bringing something that’s not be done before is a great way of standing out on the shelf. Sankofa do

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  8. Paul Hargreaves: Creativity

    This week Paul looks at how we should be more creative now we have the space to do so.

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  9. CF Blog: Our Favourite Soft Drinks

    This March we are focusing on soft drinks. We well as publishing our Top 10 bestselling lines, we also thought it would be nice see what some of our favourite drinks are in the office!

    We like to think ourselves as quite a healthy bunch here at Cotswold Fayre, but it would seem that we are quite partial to a fizzy drink. We also enjoy a flavoured sparking water with several members of the team saying they have this as a guilt-free alternative to alcohol at the end of the day or even mixing it in with gin for a lower calorie option.

    As the weather warms up, soft drinks will gain in popularity as people look for cool refreshment, and we’ve taken on some great new suppliers to get your taste buds tingling, including 0 calorie flavoured waters from Dash and Radnor H

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  10. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Company Update

    It’s a challenging time for all businesses and Cotswold Fayre has seen unprecedented demand for our products, up to 300% increase on certain lines.
    Our main priority remains our service to our customers and the safety and security of our people and your people. 

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