With lockdown currently in full swing in the UK, and chances that it could last for a while longer, the idea of cooking 21 meals a week for the foreseeable future is a grim one for homes up and down the country.

With restaurants shut and take-aways varying massively in quality (and there are still areas that the apps don’t reach) it means more of us are experimenting in the kitchen. For some that means learning the basics and working up gradually from there, for others it means expanding their knowledge and taking up new challenges.

However, with the pandemic almost reaching its first birthday, those weekly meal plans are starting to get boring. Whether it’s the same 7 dinners on rotation each week or your roster of recipes is slightly bigger, sometimes we all need a splash of inspiration to liven up a midweek meal.

Cooking kits, like these from Gordon Rhodes, are a great way to introduce us to new dishes and a fun way to explore new cuisines. When you fancy something different but don’t have the pantry of Ottolenghi, cooking kits have everything you need to create an exciting meal for the whole household.

Meal kits can also be a great way of encouraging your customers to try cooking from scratch. They might start experimenting with their own spice mixes or become interested in more specialist ingredients so investing in some good quality kits may also go on to increase sales in other lines too.

Inspire your customers to get cooking!