Confectionery is always a big category for retailers, consumers are always on the lookout for a quick sugar fix, a little treat or even a gift.

We try to keep a diverse mix of sweets, chocolates and sweet treats available throughout the year and expand our ranges to follow demand for Christmas as well as the Spring holidays. Traditional sweets and chocolate still in high demand with peppermint, nutty and fruity lines still popular but salted caramel is still the leading trend and it doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon. People are still health conscious when selecting confectionery, with dark chocolate gaining popularity over the last couple of years, and the prevalence of sugar free ranges from the big brands as well as the artisan ranges following consumer demand.

Top 10 confectionery lines for Convenience Stores Nov2019-Feb2020

  1. TON05 - Tony’s Chocoloney – Fairtrade Milk Chocolate Caramel Sea salt
  2. MOB40 - Monty Bojangles – Taste Adventure Selection
  3. SUM01 - Summerdown Mint – Chocolate Mint Creams
  4. DDU02 - RJ’s Liquorice – Soft Eating Natural Log
  5. CHM90 - Natural Candy Shop – Jelly Beans
  6. WCC54 - Willie’s Cacoa – Sea Flake Milk Chocolate with Sea Salt
  7. MFH01 - Mighty Fine Honeycomb – Honeycomb Dipped in Milk Chocolate
  8. PLU49 - Cotswold Fudge Company – Vegan Sea Salt Fudge
  9. HAD21 - Hadji Bey’s – Gift Box of Rose Turkish Delight
  10. BTM05 - Buttermik – Crunchy Peanut Brittle Sharing Box

Existing confectionery suppliers:


Black Liquorice Co.



Cocoa Loco


Cotswold Fudge Co.

Hadji Bey


Melting Pot Fudge

Mighty Fine

Monty Bojangles

Natural Candy Shop




RJ’s Licorice

Rocky Mountain


Summerdown Mint

Tony’s Chocoloney

Willie’s Cacao

New confectionery suppliers:

Chief Chocolate Officer

LIR Chocolates

MIA Foods