It may not come as a surprise that as an office of foodies, the team here at Cotswold Fayre love a snack, there are a few sweet teeth but the majority of us are all about something crunchy, salty and savoury.

In these unprecedented times, the perfect time for a snack is basically anytime you want one. Some of us need a mid-morning snack, some get the 3pm munchies, but most of us just can’t stop raiding the cupboard for something to nibble on. When we’re browsing the supermarkets, most of us are impulse buying snacks, if I’ve popped to the shops for one thing, you can guarantee that I’ll walk out with arms full of delicious snacks (must stop going shopping when I’m hungry). 

The Snacking Category is really important for our customers too, us impulse buyers are doing them a massive favour! Snacks can act as a pick-me-up when you’re hungry on the go or a treat to reward yourself and once consumers find their favourites, they will keep going back for their fix. We’re quite proud of our Snacking Category, with everything from crisps, popcorn, vegetable crisps, to meaty snacks, to protein balls and nuts, we’ve got everything covered.

Now if your curious about what our favourite snacks are, there’s almost too many to mention but here are some of the most popular:


Proper – Proper Chips (all the flavours got a mention, so these are definitely number one in the office!)

Lapsnacks – Chilli Puffs

Mr Filberts – Moroccan Spiced Almonds

Brown Bag Crisps – Rosemary & Sea Salt

Truffle Hunter – Black Truffle Crisps

Manomasa – Serrano Chilli & Yucatan Honey Corn Chips

Just Crisps – Apple Balsamic Vinegar & Sea Salt Crisps

Made for Drink – Mangalitza Salami Chips

Aarne & Elsa – Sour Cream & Spring Onion