One thing that’s really important to us, and to our customers, is having a wide selection of organic products available to choose form. There has been a huge rise in interest in organic products in recent years, and this has been heightened by the Coronavirus pandemic as people looked to eat more healthily to boost their immune systems, and also started shopping local and supporting independent businesses.

When buying organic, you know that you that you are buying items that you are supporting farmers and producers that are trying to grow in a more ethical way, without using harsh chemicals on the land. With more and more of us trying to move to a more sustainable lifestyle, choosing organic is an easy way to start making a difference.

As well as picking organic fruit and vegetables, there are endless possibilities to pick from when doing your weekly shop, from easy swaps to everyday essentials, to indulgent treats, and we’ve got a great range to choose from. We want to ensure that we have organic products available across all our categories including Chilled and Seasonal collections.

Browse all our organic products here.


Top 10 Organic Lines

  1. MR01 Mr Organic - Chopped Tomatoes (BPA Free) - 12 x 400g
  2. RUD61 Rude Health - Almond Drink - 6 x 1L
  3. YTDF39 Tideford Organics - Lentil & Spinach Dahl Soup (14 min DSL) - 6 x 600g
  4. MBE21 Luscombe Drinks - Sicilian Lemonade - 12 x 740ml
  5. HIL35 Biona - Coconut Milk - 6 x 400ml
  6. LCY01 Lucy Bee - Extra Virgin Fair Trade Organic Raw Coconut Oil - 3 x 300ml
  7. HTH30 Hilltop Honey - Organic Acacia Honey - 6 x 370g
  8. BEV513 Belvoir - Organic Elderflower Cordial - 6 x 500ml
  9. YBEN04 Rod & Ben's - Rustic Chicken Broth Soup (16 min DSL) - 6 x 600g
  10. IBO04 Island Bakery - Lemon Melts Dipped in White Chocolate Biscuits - 12 x 133g