You might have heard us talk about B Corp before but what does it actually mean? Well in short, B Corps™ are businesses that meet the highest verified standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. We are using our certification as a spring board to promote big change within the company. We were already ‘doing good’ but now we trying to promote change throughout our supply chain.

Being a B Corp means our business has real purpose and is striving towards being a force for good. Cotswold Fayre’s goal is to have a positive impact on the planet and everyone on it as well. We try to promote this as our point of difference for our customers, so when they chose to buy from us, not only are they getting a good price, they are also helping us to give back to the world.

We love being a part of the B Corp community and one of the ways we celebrate it is by teaming up with other B Corps and acting as their wholesaler. We encourage our existing brands to explore being a B Corp. We have a lot of suppliers whose values align very closely with ours and so getting certified is the next step. It is also one of our major considerations when we are looking for new brands is if they are already certified or working towards it thus improving the whole supply chain.

This was the case when we signed pet food supplier Scrumbles. Not only are they trying to do better for the planet and the people on it, they are also trying to do better for our pets. For most of us, our pets are our world and we want to ensure that they get the best of everything and that includes giving them the best diet. Scrumbles was born when Smudge and Boo’s owners were desperate to find pet food that was nutritious, high quality that was also affordable and loved by cats and dogs. As an office of animal lovers, it was an obvious fit.


If you want to explore our other B Corp certified brands, then check out the list below: 


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