I love that within a business setting the word love can be used these days. Even five years ago, using words like love and compassion and demonstrating emotions would have you called out as a new age hippy. It still would in some places, notably within the offices of 10 Downing Street that are running our country. Whilst only going on hearsay, it seems that there exists a culture of fear with people scared to convey their thoughts and feelings for fear of losing their job. This is no way to run a company, and certainly no way to run a country.

Emotionally dysfunctional men such as Cummings, Cain and Johnson all too often have been put in positions of power and absented love from their company or organisation. Not only do we need more women in positions of power, but also men with a greater sense of their feminine in order that love runs through the organisation. It is no surprise that people function better and are more productive where they feel loved and cared for. Yes there is still correction and yes, people will still be told if they are out of order, but in a way that leads to growth and not despair.

You see if there is love and compassion at the heart of a business, its customers and suppliers are bound to sense that love too. It will naturally radiate out towards them from the people who are feeling it themselves too. Purpose and a sense of knowing why we are working for a particular company are very important, of course. I have written a book on it, but unless the people there know their leader loves and cares for them, the purpose will be diluted. That is why it is imperative that leaders who find it difficult to show love and compassion work on themselves and learn to love. If necessary, get help from others who will be able to help us.

It’s no good saying ‘we are not those kind of people’ or ‘I have others in my company who take care of that side and are better than that than me’. No! Unless love is within the heart of the leadership team, it won’t carry through to the people there. 

Put love at the heart of your business this week.