Getting Started

It all began in Dalston in 2012 when Passing Clouds nightclub chose not to serve branded cola. Tired of refusing customers who just wanted a fizzy drink, Duncan and Steve set about making their own natural alternative to cola. As chefs, their experience of flavours led them to begin blending, infusing and mashing the first Dalston's Cola by hand in their kitchens. 

Duncan set up the first brewyard in the heart of East London, sourcing ingredients such as fresh ginger and kola nuts from local markets including Ridley Road in Dalston. The drinks were all handmade and delivered by bike to London’s coffee shops and restaurants.


Growing Places

It turned out that satisfying Londoners’ growing thirst for natural sodas that used real ingredients was pretty hard work. Having outgrown the first brewyard, Duncan packed up, waved goodbye and moved to a large railway arch in Mile End where the drinks are made daily, ready to be bottled, canned and distributed. Last year, Dalston’s sold and delivered over 330,000 bottles.


The Line Up

Dalston’s works directly with its suppliers, from farmers in Kent who supply our apples to growers in Sicily who supply our lemons and oranges. We only use the best-tasting, natural ingredients and you won’t find a single artificial chemical or sweetener in any of our products. Not one. 

We know we need to reduce our dependence on sugar as a society. So our lemonade, cola and orangeade in cans contain 40% less sugar per 100ml than other mainstream soda brands, while our bottled range contains approximately 50% less sugar per 100ml.

Dalston Blog Image

Dalston’s Cola, Can - DAL01

Our signature blend. Coca Cola ain’t got diddly on this. Made with real kola nuts, citrus and spices.

Dalston’s Orangeade, Can - DAL03

No part of this orange is left unjuiced or unsqueezed. Blended with cold-pressed orange extract and spring water. In processing, the leftover orange husk and peel are dried and shredded and then sold for its pectin content. 

Dalston’s Lemonade, Can - DAL02 | Bottle DAL05

When life gives you lemons, drop them and bail. Our lemonade is crisp, simple and refreshing. Contains actual Sicilian lemons including cold-pressed lemon extract for a more complex taste.

Dalston’s Fizzy Apple, Bottle - DAL06

Our fizzy apple sodas are packed with Jonagold, Idared and Bramley apples from farms in Kent. We work with the Nightingales’ farm - Gibbet Oak - to make this drink.

Dalston’s Ginger Beer, Bottle - DAL04

Our ginger beer is made by infusing grated root ginger and lime juice to create a hot fire in your belly. Once cooked twice, our discarded ginger goes to a bio-digester for energy reclamation.


Contact Information: www.dalstons.com | @drinkdalstons