You might have seen that we recently released our Impact Report which includes all the things we have been doing as a company to improve our impact on the planet. Part of being a B Corp means that we are determined to be a force for good, by doing our bit for the people and planet ahead of profits. 

One of the things that we pride ourselves on, is that our employees share the values that we hold as a company. And we are all trying to do our bit to ensure that we leave the planet in a better way that we found it, even if it’s just with small changes. Now that the majority of us are working from home, it is even more important for us to do our bit, so I asked the team what they’ve been doing at home:



“I’m definitely a more conscious consumer – have switched household cleaning products to eco-friendly and changing/choosing new general products based on sustainability; packaging & production. Plus choosing to try more vegan products and cooking more vegetarian dishes.”



“Only one small thing, scattered a few seed bombs in the garden to encourage the bees. They are taking a while to come up but hopefully they will look amazing some time soon to tempt the bees.”


Paul C

“Now working from home so not driving as much. I am loads better a recycling things in the right bins. We have been investigating lots of great sustainable initiatives for the Food Hall Project. I am repairing more things at home rather than just getting a new one. Saves money too”



“I’ve stopped buying shower gel… I am still washing though, just using bars of soap and buying from LUSH so there’s no plastic wrap.”



“I’m still trying to reduce my meat consumption, so I’m actively having 2 or 3 veggie based meals during the week. I’ve also been sharing or giving things away to my neighbours recently- so if I’m having a clear out and there’s things I no longer want then I offer them out, if I have food that’s close to expiry or if I just have a lot of something, I’ll share it out. It’s nice because it reduces waste and it brings the neighbourhood together a bit more, like the old days when you’d lend your neighbour some sugar.”



“Few little things I do… 1) Pick up litter on my walks at the weekend, especially by the lovely local duck pond 2) Use my local shops – butcher, grocer, local co-op and post office/shop 3) Walk or cycle to shops instead of using my car.”


Rachel B

“I have planted loads more plants in my garden recently to encourage insects, enjoying bees and butterflies in the garden at the moment. Also bought a stone bird bath at the weekend to encourage the bird life in the garden as well.”



“I have started to put aside items that I would usually recycle such as egg boxes, dip pots and toilet roll tubes and kept them back so my son can use them for arts and crafts! I have also started to use Facebook to dispose of any unwanted items (for free!) rather than binning them or taking them to the tip! I even managed to pass on a broken garden table that someone wanted to burn in his fire pit!”



“For our part (as a family), we have cut down car usage by around 50% and are shopping much closer to home with less frequency/fewer trips per week. We also reuse packaging now, whereas we would have previously put in our recycling. This mainly extends to glass jars and cardboard/postal materials. We are avoiding all products with palm oil now, so no more Nutella! Trying (but not always succeeding) to buy veg which hasn’t been air freighted. Eating “in season” is not particularly easy! Meat consumption has also fallen in our household – we eat vegan/veggie at least once, if not twice a week. Like a lot of families, I think we are a work in progress….”



“For me during lockdown I decided to recycle my clothes more and make more use of what is in my wardrobe. I Love buying clothes and shoes etc but have not needed to think about fashion during lockdown so will be continuing to shop less and recycle my wardrobe more.”



“Switched to Electric car. Used Bulb energy for past 2 years. Generally consume less. Separate waste. Buy loose where possible over packaged items. Offset carbon on personal flights. Changed all bulbs at home to low voltage led. Currently upgrading windows to improve heat retention. Have only bought A++ appliance for last few years.”



“Where possible I am only using bio-degradable tea bags or loose leaf if I’m feeling fancy. I’ve also tried to cut my meat consumption and I’m enjoying finding new recipes for veggie meals.”


Last year, at our Environmental Conference, employees and suppliers were given the opportunity to make a pledge to say what they wanted to change in the coming months, looking at what everyone is doing, it’s great to see some of them being stuck to!