Our Dream


To benefit the people working throughout the supply chain and the people of the planet, by committing to a high standard of environmental practices.



To support with knowledge and grow by results existing retailers and attract new business by reputation for providing a consolidation service to simplify supply chain.



  1. To be a great place to work by developing and equipping our team to attract the best talent, that stay. Encouraging ethical work practices throughout the supply chain. (PEOPLE)
  2. To benefit the world by committing to a high standard of environmental practices and offering simplicity of supply chain, bringing efficiency and reducing its carbon footprint. (PLANET)
  3. Enabling retailers to become more efficient and profitable which in turn grows Cotswold Fayre’s reputation and profitability. (PROFIT)


We operate with 5 keywords from our value set in mind, these have become an important part of our company culture.

  1. ENJOY
  2. TRUST
  5. SHINE

Please click here to read the extended version of our company values.

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