Our Team

We are a relatively small and close-knit team that all share the same values and service ethos.

While you may see our excellent sales personnel more than the senior management team, we are all here to help and are very happy that you contact us directly when you feel that we can help.

Which member of our team is your Regional Account Manager?

Scotland: Elaine Shirley, Elaine@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  |  M: 07776 769270

North East: Vanessa Pitt, Vanessa@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  |  M: 07584 232385

North West: Gillian Herdman, Gillian@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  |  M: 07867 451570

Central/M40 Corridor: Debbie Harrowell, Debbie@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  |  M: 07920 208178

London: Andrew Gibson, Andrew@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  |  M: 07775 424426

South England: Lizzie Vinnicombe, Lizzie@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  |  M: 07776 763281 

East Anglia: Robert Curtis, Bob@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  |  M: 07824 484999

South West: Charlotte Howard, Charlotte@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  |  M: 07931 908784

Ireland: Kevin Goodenough, goodenough94@btinternet.com  |  M: 00353 894 349 416

National Accounts & Islands: Nicola Hargreaves, Nicola@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  |  M: 07584 232384

Chilled Development Manager: Andrew Gibson, Andrew@cotswold-fayre.co.uk  |  M: 07775 424426
Chilled@cotswold-fayre.co.uk | 08448 404 045

From left to right: Lizzie, Gillian, Debbie, Elaine, Kevin, Robert, Charlotte, Vanessa, Andrew & Nicola.

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