Worth Family Farms delivers consistent, great tasting, premium food, showcasing our family and farming heritage.

Worth Family Farms is a 4th Generation farming company based in Lincolnshire on the same site where their Great Grandfather first started the enterprise over 100 years ago. Becoming specialists in their field, they realised they had the knowledge from soil to fork to create a brand which delivered great tasting food, consistently.

The 5 products created have been designed to compliment a variety of dishes with unique but non-polarising flavours, with their Braising Potatoes winning The Grocer New Product Awards 2021, with the feedback; “The Judges loved these prepared potatoes and fought over who go got to finish the tray! They were soft and fluffy in the middle and lovely and crispy on the outside, giving a fantastic flavour”.


Why Stock Worth Family Farms?

  • Consistent fantastic flavour
  • A complimentary side
  • Over 100 years in the making