Source of the Earth is a unique and delicious lentil crisp, in plastic-free, home-compostable bags. As we all become increasingly aware of our health and worry about our beautiful planet, Source of the earth is a snack that helps on the journey to a healthier lifestyle and a healthier planet. Deliciously vegan, air popped not fired and gluten free. No allergens or added sugar and less than 96 calories a bag. Source of the Earth bags make it easy for customers to take another step towards a healthy plastic free lifestyle. 

Why stock Source of the Earth?

  • Plastic free compostable bags made from sustainably grown trees and certified by “A Plastic Planet”.
  • Delicious, healthier and no allergens. Air popped not fired, gluten free, vegan. No added sugar, a good source of fibre and protein, less than 96 calories a bag.
  • UK’s only healthier snack in a plastic free bag