The story began when we recognised a neglected historic superfood on our doorstep, the coastal shorelines of North Scotland. It became our mission to turn this nutritious seaweed into everyday tasty products that support and inspire healthier, sustainable eating. Seaweed is natural super food packed full of more minerals than almost any other vegetable. It requires no land mass, fertilisers, pesticides or feed to grow and actually absorbs Co2 in the process, making one of the most sustainable food sources in the plant. Our seaweed grows on the unique clean waters around Wick in Scotland, where it is hand cut, allowing for natural reproduction and regrowth of the plants.

We have spent ages perfecting our recipes to ensure all our products taste fantastic. Seaweed is packed full of umami, which roughly translated from Japanese means deliciousness. Umami is recognised as the 5th flavour (the other 4 being sweet, salty, bitter & sour) that gives food a uniquely deep rich savoury flavour. Our products build on this umami flavour to hero our all-natural Scottish Seaweed. SHORE products are all 100% plant based, free from artificial preservatives, flavours and MSG, while also bursting with minerals, antioxidants and good for your gut fibre.

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