Senor Jalapeño is an exciting Mexican range available in the UK exclusively through Cotswold Fayre. Sliced Jalapeño peppers preserved with our traditional Mexican family recipe and a spicy jalapeño pesto dip. Enjoy with family and friends on nachos, pizza and fajitas.

5 reasons why you should be stocking Señor Jalapeño:

  1. Mexican food has overtaken Chinese food and is fast becoming the UK's go-to foreign cuisine.
  2. Señor Jalapeño provides a huge point of difference against larger less personal Mexican brands. Exclusive to Cotswold Fayre and not available the multiples.
  3. Superior quality. Our peppers are preserved with a traditional Mexican family recipe which includes additional flavours in the brine. Carrots, garlic, small onions, oregano, olive oil. Not just sliced peppers in vinegar!
  4. Net Weight - double the pepper of supermarket brands.
  5. Ethical story. We work with a cooperative of farmers and pay them a fair price.