Sankofa (san.ko.fa) is an ancient Akan proverb meaning ‘Go back and get it’. This single word proverb tells that it is wise to take the best of the tradition to use towards the future.

Sankofa Snacks is the home of munchilicious African inspired snacks. With our founder Jamie, we look for delicious traditional snacks and ingredients and evolve them with a little magic. This magic creates even more delicious, unique and versatile snacks, sure to be a treat for everyone.

For our first range, we’re serving you the scrumptious, crunchy, buttery, popular West African and tropical snack of plantain chips, infused with delicious locally inspired flavours. These are sure to make your taste buds dance a little Azonto and Shaku Shaku!

#Glutenfree #Vegan #Vegetarian #NothingArtifical #NonGMO

You can expect more unique and delicious snacks from Ghana and the region brought to you by the Sankofa Snacks Team.

Beyond delivering scrumptiousness is our core belief in what we call ‘Cultural Revivolution’ (cultural revival & evolution). The Sankofa Revivolute Project champions our ‘Cultural Revivolution' mission by providing varying types of support to individuals and organizations in the African creative arts. The purpose is to cultivate and grow a uniquely African cultural narrative, and share it with the world, with the support and participation of our community.

At Sankofa we are also working very hard to ensure a supply chain of empowerment in our community. As it stands about 80% of our plantain suppliers are small holder farmers that are women from rural farming areas. Through creation of delicious best-in-class products and sharing them with you, we are able to provide them economic and ultimately social empowerment.