Seed Crispies are high in fibre and contain up to 72% seeds. Each product also contains at least two different kinds of seeds.

Seed Crispies originated from our home kitchen, from where they travelled to our bakery and to the attention of the whole Finland in the form of delicious seed crispbreads. Since then, the Seed Crispies family has grown as we’ve added Seed Chips, small and round treats perfect for snacking. Whatever the shape of Seed Crispies, they are full of crisp, flavour and good energy. Eat as it is or with different kinds of dips!

CERTIFIABLY GOOD FOR YOU as part of a diverse diet and healthy lifestyle.

Seeds have been proven to contain good fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that contribute to the functions and well-being of your body in different ways. Nutritious seeds are a great addition to your diet as they contain important fatty acids, digestion-improving fibres and proteins that make you feel more full. In addition, they are extremely easy to use to support a versatile diet by themselves or added to porridge, smoothies or yoghurt.