Rod & Ben’s make delicious organic soups, stews and dips. Originally a veg box company, it only took a small step of the imagination for these wellie-wearing veggie growers to start producing their own seasonal soups.

Rod was joined by Tim Wigram in 2015. Tim - a farmer’s son - has a passion for honest, tasty and as he’d say ‘proper’ food. Tim has spent the last few years cramming in flavour and producing new lines. Rod and Tim now work together, sourcing the best ingredients, honing flavours and ensuring that their delicious seasonal wares are on shelves across the country.

The folks at Rod & Ben’s are passionate about the environment and basically doing the right thing. That includes training-up the next generation of farmers, keeping chemicals off the land and looking after the local community by supporting charities.

“I love it. I see every step of way from the growing, tending and harvesting to the cooking and potting. Producing organic food from farm to table, that’s what it’s all about!” Tim Wigram. Managing Director.

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