At Lowlander we brew with botanicals to create unique drinks full of both flavour and character.

While traditionally brewers think malt, hops, water and yeast, a Lowlander Botanical Beer starts with peeling dozens of oranges, cooking spices, extracting bags of herbs, making teas and tinctures. We use a variety of ways to get the best amount of flavour and aroma into our beers because we believe beer tastes better when prepared with natural, botanicals ingredients.
When Lowlander’s founder, Frederik Kampman, made botanicals the distinguishing feature of his beers, he wasn’t claiming to be reinventing the wheel – botanicals actually pre-date hops as a bittering agent. However, what is unique about Lowlander Botanical Beers is the way that Kampman’s background in gin distilling has informed his approach to botanical brewing from day one.

From the beginning, we’ve been greatly inspired by the world of gin, introducing our customers to the botanical flavours found within our beer styles using our very own flavour navigator. We’re convinced that it’s this appreciation of the subtleties of flavour in botanicals that makes Lowlander not only a favourite beer with adventurous and critical consumers, but also an ingredient that’s increasingly reached for by cocktail professionals, chefs and food writers. To brew with botanicals is to introduce an astonishing spectrum of flavours into beer – and from there, the sky’s the limit.

Lowlander Botanical Beers only started its journey in 2016. Recognised with multiple
(inter)national medals, named one of the best-designed beers, picked up by media from Japan and Canada to Russia and United Kingdom and with over 2500 distribution points in Europe we are now one of the fastest growing craft beers in The Netherlands.