The inspiration behind Yumtaz are the founders Zohra and Jumana’s beautiful mum and memories of her exquisite culinary skills (which she thankfully passed onto them!). All her recipes ensured a perfect balance of nutrition and yumminess, and the Lotus Bites are just as ‘tazty’. Everything created by Yumtaz today are packed with her secret recipes, goodness, positive energy and generosity! 

Lotus seeds are a super seed, jam-packed with beneficial nutrients. Within Indian culture lotus seeds are celebrated as ‘God’s Food’, courtesy of a jaw-dropping Food Completeness score that earmarks lotus seeds as a prolific source of: iron, phosphorous, protein, zinc, calcium, fibre, potassium, magnesium and a handful of other upbeat anti-oxidants.

Better than that, these vegan/gluten friendly bites have a low glycaemic index, whilst also providing an enviable source of ‘slow release’ energy.