Jacqueline started the company because as much as she try to eat healthily, she found breakfast was always the problem due to lack of time. Loving the concept of an instant porridge and loving a challenge, she decided to create an instant porridge that was not only ridiculously nutritious but tastes amazing too. Lots of bowlfuls of porridge and sack loads of British Oats later The Great British Porridge Co was born.

Made with 100% natural, quality ingredients, our porridge is available in some wonderfully exciting flavours. Sweetened naturally with dates that have been ground into the oats (no big lumps) and made creamy with coconut milk, our porridge is vegan and gluten free. We lovingly cram our bags with fruits, nuts and seeds and full of natural loveliness.

If you thought porridge was just for winter, then think again! At The Great British Porridge Co they are so happy to have created a porridge that’s perfect all year round. Their porridge is so light and fruity, it’s wonderful whatever the weather and a bowlful of it leaves you feeling energised ready for your day ahead. Pile it high with lots of your favourite fruits and its OATRAGEOUSLY delicious.

It comes in resealable bags that hold 385g which is 7 suggested servings and is
ready in 60 seconds, you just add and stir in hot water. ….we know you'll love it (as much as we do)

So whether you’re rushed at breakfast, can’t stop for lunch or just want something great tasting and healthy, our delicious and naturally sweet porridge is perfect for you. Crammed with fruit, nuts and seeds this porridge is loaded! Lovingly mixed with the best British wholegrain oats, we make the porridge with only completely natural, ethically sourced ingredients that we trust and believe in.