Cheeky P's was founded by a brother-sister duo who were inspired by a dying snack tradition in their home country, Malaysia. The locals call it "Kacang Putih" - a humble snack made simply by lightly seasoning steamed chickpeas. Back in the day, these tasty treats were found on every street corner in Asia. Served warm in a cup, locals would enjoy these delicious snacks when having a stroll in the park, shopping or at the movies - therefore dubbed, the Popcorn of the 80's. Unfortunately, if you visit Malaysia today, it is close to impossible to find these vendors.

So, on one fine weekend - fuelled by our frustrations to find a healthy, savoury treat that is not loaded with sodium or high in carbs - we decided to recreate this fond memory and experimented in our family home in Newcastle. After a few too many kitchen fires, we finally uncovered the perfect recipe! We shared our treats with friends and family who absolutely loved it - thus, Cheeky P's was born!

Today, after months of roasting and sharing our tasty treats, we left our full-time jobs to focus on our pea passion. Our roasted chickpeas are not only delicious but packed with nutrition! Each Cheeky P’s snack pack gives you your 1 of 5 a day, 11g of plant protein and 7g of fibre.

Here at Cheeky HQ, we are big believers of being an all-inclusive snack brand. Our best friends are vegan and coeliac so we are committed to a promise we made to continue developing new exotic flavours that can be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their dietary restrictions.

We are so thrilled to bring this childhood memory back to life with added fun, more flavour and a whole lot of cheek. We hope you will enjoy our crunchy snacks and join us in our movement to #MakePeasGreatAgain.

With Cheeky P’s, healthy snacking is now easy-peasy!