Their ranges for children, such as Two by Two and My Favourite Bear, are fun and full of flavours that children will love. Their ranges for grown-ups, such as the Miller’s range, focus on simplicity and the goodness of their natural ingredients. Miller’s Harvest are made with stoneground wholemeal flour and a trio of either seeds, fruits or nuts. Miller’s Toast are thin, crispy toast-shaped crackers filled with dried fruits, seeds and honey in three flavour combinations: Cranberry & Raisins, Fig & Sultana and Plum & Date. Miller’s Elements bring the classical Greek elements to mind with a cracker variety to represent Earth, Fire, Ale and Water. Miller’s Damsel are neutral, hexagonal crackers designed to partner food and suit every occasion. The Fine Cookie Co.’s cookies are big, soft and chewy. Born in the USA, but raised in the UK by Artisan Biscuits’ skilled bakers. Each cookie is cram packed with 100% all-natural ingredients, and all-British butter. The flavours are inspired by the unique culture and character found across the 50 states, including: Salt Lake Caramel, Rocky Mountain Road and Power Breakfast Cookies.

There are few occasions which cannot be improved by the addition of truly great biscuits. We make biscuits that we would want to eat ourselves, and we bake them today as we always have done. We started out as a small family bakery in the Derbyshire Peak District over 75 years ago. Since then we’ve grown in a gradual, almost organic way. In our hearts, we still hold firm to the same traditional values and authenticity that we did all those years ago. We sift, weigh, mix and work the dough in the same old-fashioned way, and we use the same bronze rollers and biscuit-moulding method that we have for decades. We want the finest flavours for our baking – that’s why we only use proper, natural ingredients. The butter we use is churned in England. The flour is milled with no additives and our clotted cream comes from the West Country. When it comes to getting things just right – we can be quite stubborn. We check everything by eye, by smell and by taste. Before any of our biscuits reach you, you can be sure they have been checked and approved by over 15 different bakery staff. We’re not easily pleased. If something is worth doing, it is worth doing properly. We don’t believe in settling for second best, and we know you won’t either. We ensure we stay at the top of the tin by staying true to our roots and keeping what matters the same. No message speaks more clearly or more loudly than the taste of quality. In Ashbourne, we like to say, “The more things change, the more they stay the same”. We will keep doing things our way and on our terms, so that, although many things will change in time, the quality of our biscuits never will.