The story begins in Cornwall, back in 1886, when master baker, John Cooper Furniss opened his first tea shop in the centre of Truro. Every night he would work into the small hours, preparing delicious gingerbread and celebrated Cornish Fairings ready to serve fresh the next day.

His passion for using the best local ingredients and exacting attention to detail quickly secured the Furniss teashop a reputation for serving up the tastiest biscuits in town. Soon orders were pouring in from surrounding areas, and the Furniss journey began.

They are still baking biscuits with the same passion as John Cooper Furniss, creating unique and exceptional biscuits for today’s consumers. Award winning products are now sold all over the UK and exported around the World.

The hero product is the “Original Cornish Fairing” which originated as a gift for a loved one at Cornish fairs in the 19th Century. Because John Cooper Furniss first started making Cornish Fairings back in 1886, we are very proud to hold registered title to “Furniss Original Cornish Fairings”.

With over 130 years baking experience, they know a thing or two about biscuits! Furniss just oozes heritage, passion and quality and is the iconic Cornish biscuit brand – the brand you can trust.