1. CF Blog: Our Favourite Soft Drinks

    This March we are focusing on soft drinks. We well as publishing our Top 10 bestselling lines, we also thought it would be nice see what some of our favourite drinks are in the office!

    We like to think ourselves as quite a healthy bunch here at Cotswold Fayre, but it would seem that we are quite partial to a fizzy drink. We also enjoy a flavoured sparking water with several members of the team saying they have this as a guilt-free alternative to alcohol at the end of the day or even mixing it in with gin for a lower calorie option.

    As the weather warms up, soft drinks will gain in popularity as people look for cool refreshment, and we’ve taken on some great new suppliers to get your taste buds tingling, including 0 calorie flavoured waters from Dash and Radnor H

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  2. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Company Update

    It’s a challenging time for all businesses and Cotswold Fayre has seen unprecedented demand for our products, up to 300% increase on certain lines.
    Our main priority remains our service to our customers and the safety and security of our people and your people. 

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  3. Paul Hargreaves: A crisis is always an opportunity

    This week Paul writes about the impact of Covid-19 and how to turn crisis in to opportunity.

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  4. Amanda Joseph and Hannah Fisher on B Corp Month

    March 2020 is B Corp Month!



    B Corps are businesses that meet the highest standards of social & environmental performance. Together, B Corps are working to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy for people and the planet. You can read more about this here.

    To celebrate B Corp Month, Cotswold Fayre and Heart in Business, both B Corps, are sharing in this article about their B Corp journey.  The two companies have been working together for many years. Amanda Joseph is the Credit Controller at Cotswold Fayre, and Hannah Fi

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  5. Paul Hargreaves: Looking After Yourself

    This week Paul looks at how looking after yourself and taking time out can benefit your business.

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  6. Paul Hargreaves: Generosity

    This week Paul talks about generosity and how giving more to your employees can benefit the business.

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  7. Spotlight On: Soft Drinks

    Soft drinks are on the rise. 

    There are so many trends for this category which reflect wider trends surrounding healthy lifestyles and environmental impact. With sales in this category increasing and spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to change up the shelves with these refreshing drinks.

    As millennials seem to be reducing their alcohol intake, low-alcohol and alcohol-free options are becoming more prevalent. ‘Grown-up’ soft drinks like Dalston’s are also becoming more popular with people looking for drink alternatives that don’t mimic an alcoholic beverage to have at the end of the day. There is also the introduction of CBD, which many manufactures are infusing in to their drinks in order to offer a different kind of hit. We’ve just taken on Trip which uses 15mg of CBD oi

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  8. Paul Hargreaves: Being a servant leader

    Paul looks at whether being a leader can mean still being humble.

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  9. Paul Hargreaves: No more dog eat dog

    Paul looks at competitiveness and how being kinder in business can lead to performing better.

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  10. CF Blog: Veganuary 2020

    January means New Year’s Resolutions, which I am rubbish at keeping, but for many it’s an opportunity to make some changes to their lifestyle choices. Since its launch in 2014 Veganuary has been steadily growing in popularity. Some people see it as a challenge to test themselves, others might use it as a bit of a detox after the over consumption of the festive period, some might be using it as a springboard to cut down their meat consumption and start eating more sustainably. It has been reported that 42% of people taking part are doing it for health reasons but environmental concerns and ethical reasons were also big factors.

    Here in the office, whilst no one has been strictly following Veganuary, there has been a big conscious effort to cut down on meat consumption. Most of us describe ourselves as ‘Flexitarians’ who still consume meat but balance this out with plenty of plant-based options.

    Our Marketing Manager, Ashton, did take on the challenge to do a ‘veggie week’ so

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