Soft drinks are on the rise. 

There are so many trends for this category which reflect wider trends surrounding healthy lifestyles and environmental impact. With sales in this category increasing and spring right around the corner, now is the perfect time to change up the shelves with these refreshing drinks.

As millennials seem to be reducing their alcohol intake, low-alcohol and alcohol-free options are becoming more prevalent. ‘Grown-up’ soft drinks like Dalston’s are also becoming more popular with people looking for drink alternatives that don’t mimic an alcoholic beverage to have at the end of the day. There is also the introduction of CBD, which many manufactures are infusing in to their drinks in order to offer a different kind of hit. We’ve just taken on Trip which uses 15mg of CBD oil in every 250ml can. This is being faced with issues with regulation, but this concept is still in its infancy.

Health conscious individuals are looking for an easy way to keep tabs on their gut health and Kombucha is key for this trend at the moment. This fermented tea-based drink has been gaining popularity with is ability to supply good bacteria to the immune system. Its naturally low in sugar companies such as Lo Bros infuse it with additional natural flavours that bring their own benefits too.

Following consumer demand, many retailers are looking to stock more sustainable options which means trying to find replacements for soft drinks sold in plastic bottles. This may mean switching to drinks in cans or glass bottles, using existing suppliers or new brands like Dash, to help do their bit to reduce single-use plastics. Coca Cola recently announced that it would not stop producing their drinks in plastic bottles as consumers still want this option, but it is making moves to use more recycled materials for their packaging.


Top 10 Soft Drink lines September2019-February2020 

  1. FEN330 – Fentimans – Traditional Ginger Beer
  2. BEV500 – Belvoir – Elderflower Cordial
  3. MET19 – Folkington’s – Orange Juice
  4. EAG03 – Eager Drinks – 100% Squeezed Smooth Orange Juice
  5. JOE04 – Joe Tea – Pink Lemonade
  6. SDA02 – Soda Folk – Cream Soda
  7. MBE21 – Luscombe Drinks – Sicilian Lemonade
  8. CV39 – Cawston Press – Sparkling Rhubarb Juice
  9. LOS02  – Lo Bros – Ginger & Lemon Kombucha
  10. VAL02 – Vivalicious – Kick Start Smoothie


Existing soft drink suppliers:


Breckland Orchard

Cawston Press




Eager Drinks



Franklin and Sons


James White

Joe Tea

Johnsons Juice Company

LA Brewery


Lo Bros


Newton’s Apple Fizzics


Soda Folk



Water Works

What A Melon


New soft drinks suppliers:

The Berry Company





Radnor Hills Infusions




Mr Fitzpatrick’s