Most years, most people make a list of Resolutions, and insist it’s “New Year, New Them”. It is said that 80% of people have broken these by mid-February, if not before. But there are some changes that can be made that will have a longer lasting effect on us and the environment around us.

I have been working for Cotswold Fayre for a whole year, and what a year it was. Just when I found my feet, I was thrust in the world of working from home, along with most of the population, with a pandemic going on outside the window. It didn’t take long before the coping mechanisms set in, I was not the only one who turned to snacking and 5pm “Quarantinis”.  I did attempt a few health kicks over the summer, we did Sober October, but it wasn’t long after that that the gluttony of Christmas set in and that was all I needed to excuse an extra chocolate from the tin, glass of wine or two with dinner, or cheese and biscuits in front of the fire at 10pm.

And so January has brought me the desire to do something about those bad habits, and a few other niggling things that had long been on the list of things to change. 

  1. Veg-anuary – no I couldn’t quite give up the milk in my tea or poached eggs at the weekend, but we have given up meat for the month. We’re only a few days in but have already enjoyed tofu ramen and an impressive veggie roast (who needs meat when you have cauliflower cheese) amongst other things, and I can’t say I’m missing meat at all. Who knows if I’ll say the same on 31st January though?
  2. Dry-er January – Having previously worked in the Brewing industry and now working in fine food and drink, I know what a devastating effect dry January can have on an industry already on it’s knees. Instead of giving up completely, I am cutting down my units, no more beers every night (unless it’s a Lucky Saint), instead I am looking forward to toasting a celebration, or perfectly matching a glass of wine to my veggie dinner plate. Dry doesn’t just mean sober, think London Dry Gin, Dry Hopped Lager and the dryest Champagne!
  3. Food Waste Warrior – I have been a woman on a mission to ensure not a scrap has gone to waste this week. If you want me, you’ll find me in the kitchen making soup from the limp carrots in the bottom of the fridge, or freezing lime wedges for those dry G+T’s.*
  4. Put On A Green Wash – I have always been aware of our impact on the planet but my time at Cotswold Fayre has increased this tenfold. As one person, it feels impossible to make enough changes that will actually make a difference, but actually I now know that I each one of those small changes, will add up to make a big difference. By the end of the year, I want to swap out all my cleaning products for more eco-friendly versions, laundry products, washing up liquid, and toilet cleaner, everything to keep home and hearth clean, as well as being cleaner for the planet. Wilton London, EcoZone and Bio-D will be the perfect place to start.

When 2021 is over, my meat intake may well be lower, or at least more sustainable, drinking will be a real treat and something to be savoured, my weekly shop will be fully utilised and my house a sparkling wonder. Let’s see if I can manage it!


Post written by Natasha, Marketing Assistant.

*If you are looking to reduce your food waste as a company then check out Too Good To Go. Their app is designed to match you up with customers looking to buy stock that may be going to landfill, whether you’re a food retailer, café, restaurant or pub.