Christmas is the most magical time of the year for a lot of reasons. For us foodies here at Cotswold Fayre it means getting out all the best chutneys and pickles, taking the turkey and stuffing to the next level and indulging in all the things that you only eat at that time of year.

But it’s also magical for the younger generation, houses are decorated, there’s promise of presents and a seemingly endless supply of chocolate, what more could they want! While the grown-ups are busy sorting out everything needed for the festivities, the children become more and more excited, and we’ve got the perfect things to keep them occupied throughout the build-up and some great gift ideas too.



The ultimate  advent activity is making a gingerbread house. This one from The Little Treats Bakery is great for younger kids, or there are some different constructions ideas from The Treat Kitchen which might interest slightly older kids.

Get them in the mood for Christmas dinner with Christmas pasta shapes from Dalla Costa, there’s loads of different shapes and its perfect with their sauce of choice.


Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is almost as big as Christmas Day with the excitement at breaking point. If you’re wondering how you’re going to get everyone in bed before the big man comes then put together a Christmas Eve Box; a classic festive film, pyjamas and of course, hot chocolate. Gourmet Du Village and Slattery have some great options for younger children and if there are teenagers in the house, they will  love the Gnaw Hot Choc Shots. And don’t forget to leave out biscuits for Father Christmas, Farmhouse Biscuits have got you covered.



We’ve got so many options for gifting this year, whether its stocking filler essentials like Steenland’s chocolate coins or candy canes from Natural Candy Shop to Mr Men & Little Miss tins and Posh Pin buckets which can be reused after Christmas.

Pico’s Chocolate Torta is great fun as are Chocolate Story Pizzas, but if it’s something more traditional you’re looking for then Chocolate Craft and Gywnedd have great chocolate lollypops. Original Biscuit Bakers iced biscuits make great stocking fillers too.

Cocoa Loco and Cocoba also have some fun chocolate shapes for kids of all ages as well.


Older Ones

As the kids get older and the Christmas lists get more extravagant, they will still be excited about a little sweet treat. For teenagers who are on their way to becoming eco warriors, Tony’s Cocolonely and Kado both do chocolate that is making a positive different to the supply chain, while Mighty Fine and Coco Pzazz have will have you covered for stocking fillers and impressive big jars of chocolate.

Fans of sour fruity gummies will love the range from Candy Kittens with jars of strawberry, mango and watermelon sweets. Sweet Lounge also have loads of great gift ideas from jars to baubles with some classic flavours.

Joe & Seph’s popcorn has become a classic over the last few years and if one of their tree hanger boxes end up in a stocking then they won’t have to pester parents for a snack.




Click here to see the full range for Christmas this year.