One of the most talked about drinks brands of the last twelve months, No More Teabags became a viral sensation when it launched, with global media fascinated by what ‘tea in can’ was and why it existed.


Initially seen as a gimmick, it wasn’t until Jimmy Doherty visited the entrepreneur behind the brand, Guy Woodall, for an episode of Food Unwrapped that people really sat up and listened. They began to understand that No More Teabags was far from a marketing stunt and could produce a much better tasting cuppa than a teabag…



On the show Jimmy blind taste tested a standard Earl Grey tea against one ‘out of a can’ and surprised himself when he discovered that the tea that ‘danced on his tongue’ and ‘blew him away’ was from No More Teabags, as opposed to the ‘alright’ tea from a standard teabag.


Those who know Guy weren’t surprised by the outcome. Guy has a long history in the drinks industry; he is one of the UK’s largest suppliers of elderflower extract to the market, started the drinks brand Thorncroft, before it was sold to James White, and owns a high quality brand of iced tea called Yum Cha.


No More Teabags is essentially a concentrated tea in a can, which is sprayed into the bottom of a mug, before boiling water is added. Although it sounds a little strange, rather than a hair brained marketing gimmick, the brand offers a very well-researched product range, which took over a year to formulate, aimed at solving problems with the UK’s tea drinking habits and producing a much better cup of tea.


“I didn’t just sit down and think ‘wouldn’t it be good to put tea in can’. I saw several issues with tea produced from teabags in the UK, which meant, even if they didn’t realise it, people simply weren’t getting a good cup of tea, and started to think of ways to solve them.  The ‘teabag’ is a compromise, and for me a big one. A true cup of tea comes from brewing loose tea, but people just don’t have the time or inclination to use loose tea anymore.

To compensate for the fact that the average cuppa in the UK is only brewed for a mere 13 seconds, bag manufacturers use tea fannings, fine tea particles which were originally swept up from the floor and given to workers, as this allows for a strong cup of tea to be brewed quickly. The downside being that a lot of a tea’s finesse and subtlety of flavour is lost.”

“We wanted people to taste a proper tea, but without having to wait for loose tea leaves to brew and be strained. No More Teabags has allowed us to create a superior Breakfast Tea, which has been brewed for a full five minutes, using a high quality blend of Ceylon and Assam black teas. The result is a tea that’s even more convenient than a tea bag, but has a gutsy flavour with a distinctive aroma, which you only get from loose leaf tea.”

“Similarly, Earl Grey teabags typically use fannings grade tea and, to make up for the fact the tea is generally low quality, a lot of bergamot flavour, which leaves the tea with the perfume like taste that many associate with Earl Grey . By using a base of Darjeeling loose tea we’re able to use less bergamot to create a tea that ‘dances on your tongue’ and has a more subtle citrus flavour, as real Earl Grey should.”

“Our jasmine green tea finishes the trio. Green tea doesn’t respond well to being in a teabag, as fannings make a very dull drink and the process we use to create our tea is very different to that for a tea bagged green tea. We used loose green tea, which has been bruised and then sun dried with jasmine flowers (the bruising releases sap from the leaves, which then absorbs the jasmine flavour) to produce a drink that anyone who drinks loose green tea will instantly recognise.”

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In essence, Guy believes that if you just used teabags and nothing else you’d never know what true tea tastes like. The patented technology behind No More Teabags gives people the opportunity to taste real tea as it should be, but without the hassle of making your own loose leaf tea.


Is no more teabags environmentally friendly?