According to fine food distributor, Cotswold Fayre, the crisps, nuts and snacks category as a whole continues to thrive with the company seeing a 15% growth over the past year. 

The category challenge, for both retailer and wholesaler alike, is to ensure that their range choice remains current, differentiating between a quick fad and a more consistent move for change as consumer trends and tastes rapidly evolve.

Paul Hargreaves, Chief Exec at fine food distributor Cotswold Fayre is seeing some significant trends developing in premium snacking.

“Individual bags of fried potato crisps used to be one of our category best sellers but we are now seeing a move towards baked rather than fried snacks, and in larger bags, perhaps for sharing at home rather than an on the go snack. Pea and bean based snacks are also performing well with Cheeky P’s and Nina Muru being two great examples.

“From all of the new snacks we launched in January this year, the bestselling range so far is Wilding’s Duck Crackling.  This follows the success of Snaffling Pig last year, with its range of pork scratching products.  The Snaffling Pig advent calendar was also one of our top products for Christmas 2017, and this looks set for success again this year.

“Large bags of baked, gluten-free corn chips, lightly salted to serve with dips or interesting flavours to eat on their own, are now our best performers.

“Nuts and legumes, are also seeing considerable growth.  While some of this might be due to the perceived health benefits, I think that a combination of interesting flavours and innovative mixes are more significant drivers. And finally, olives as a snack are also proving popular, with increased sales for brands including Olly’s Olives.”

Product Focus

Wilding’s Duck Crackling 12x25g. £14.85 per case, RRP £1.85: Wilding’s is the world’s first Duck Crackling, skilfully seasoned with a special blend of spices to deliver a crisp, light textured snack that is full of amazing flavour, offering a taste experience like no other snack. Available in three flavours, Traditional Peking, Smoked Sea Salt and Kampot Pepper, and Habanero Chilli and Lemongrass.

Cheeky P’s 16x50g. £13.95 per case, RRP £1.30: Cheeky P’s range of roasted chickpeas are packed full of flavour with added crunch, as well as being high in protein and fibre. Available now in two flavour combinations, Black Pepper and Curry.

Nina Muru 8x100g. £16.45 per case, £3.10: A range of Giant Corn tossed in deliciously mineral rich pink salt from the Andes. Other flavours in the range include Yellow Chilli and Quinoa, and Andrean Corn and Sweet. 

Olly’s Olives 12x50g. £13.80 per case, £1.75: With a range of exciting flavour combinations including “The Hippie” Lemon and Thyme Green Olives, “The Bandit” Chilli and Rosemary Green Olives and “The Connoisseur” Garlic and Basil Green Olives – the range is free from artificial preservatives, and never pasteurised, every pouch oozes freshness.