According to a recent feature in The Grocer, the UK snacks market is currently worth some £39 billion and growing at the rate of three per cent.


With ninety five per cent of UK consumers snacking every month and seventy four per cent snacking at least once a day it is perhaps no surprise that as a wholesaler of snacks and crisps we are also seeing considerable growth in this sector.


But there is no doubt that the category is changing to meet consumer demand for healthier options and the desire to make snacks count by choosing premium, differentiated and tasty products.


The traditional savoury snack, crisps, remain a core part of any snacking range with research from Mintel unveiled last year, stating that 82% of UK adults agree that they are fine to eat as an occasional treat with more than six in ten eating them once a week.

One of our top selling wholesale crisp ranges, is Brown Bag Crisps, a range of slow cooked, naturally seasoned premium crisps.


Philip Lambe, who launched the current range in 2013, believes that quality is key to a successful crisp.  “We have recently launched a new vegetable crisp to cater for those looking for a healthier snack, but our best sellers remain our Lightly Salted and Sea Salt and Malt Vinegar bags.


“We believe that more people are seeking out premium snack products, so that when they treat themselves to a bag of crisps, it is the best possible bag of crisps.”


In convenience, the crisps and snacks category is worth £778 million per year and Heidi Jackson, of Maloney’s Budgens is very aware about the importance of offering customers a comprehensive choice.


“It is almost hard to know what actually fits into the snacking category,” says Heidi.  “Traditional snacks make up some 10% of our business but when you add in fresh produce such as fruit and chilled such as yoghurts, it is considerably more than that.


“We aim to stock a wide range of new and interesting snacks to cater for all our customers, whether they are seeking an indulgent treat for the weekend or a healthy mid-week snack to eat at work.”


One brand that regularly features in our top ten wholesale snacking list for convenience and specialist fine food stores is Manomasa.  Set-up five years ago, Manomasa is a deliciously different range of tortilla chips, created with authentic Mexican flavours, and corn based chips with a traditional twist.


Marketing manager, Joanna Murray believes that their success is due to the work that goes into each recipe.  “We had our lightbulb moment sat at the bar of a bustling Mexican taqueria as we scooped zesty, fresh salsa onto perfectly hot, crunchy totopos. There and then, we decided that we would put our masa where our mouth is and bring the colour, flavour and excitement of global street food home.


“Not only are the flavours genuine but the different shaped corn bases include added ingredients such as caraway seeds, quinoa seeds and pumpkin seeds, which is just how they would be made in Mexican homes.”


The range of nine products includes Manchego & Green Olive, a dipper layered with juicy Mediterranean olives, subtly sweet pimiento and tangy manchego cheese and Chipotle & Lime, a totopo with smoky chipotle chilli & zingy lime with red bell peppers, guajillo chilli and tomato pumpkin seeds


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