Stick the kettle on!

Without wanting to wish away the summer, our retailers have to stay one step ahead of the curve. That means Christmas is already planned, ordered and booked in for delivery, and preparations for the colder months are already underway.

While summer obviously leads to booming soft drinks sales, once the chill sets in, attention returns to Coffee, Tea and of course, Hot Chocolate.

Whether your customers are looking for the convenience of instant coffee or taking the time to brew from bean to cup there are premium options for everyone.



Coffee machines were a big seller last year when those working from became unable to pick up a coffee on their morning commute, and so a nation of home baristas was born. The foundation of a great cup of coffee is of course the beans, and we have an incredible selection from Roastworks Coffee Co, as well as Union. For those who favour the kettle and a jar of instant, we’ve got Little’s, who do different origin coffee as well as a couple of flavoured options, Beanies range of flavoured instant is also unrivalled. 



Loose leaf tea has been growing in popularity again over the last few years but during lockdown last year, it really gained its stride. With the nation working from home, there was now time to brew loose leaf tea in a pot to enjoy alongside a slightly lower pace of life. This paired with the advantage of less packaging at a time when the world is growing more and more concerned about our plastic footprint made it a perfect match. B Corp Brew Tea Co lead the way with their loose-leaf options, whist teapigs offer loose leaf tea in biodegradable pyramid bags made from cornstarch.

With Christmas coming up, keeping a mind on gifting options from our all-year round range and English Tea Shop have got some great offerings for the tea connoisseur, and elephant tins from Williamson Tea are always a crowd pleaser.

As well as the staple of English Breakfast Tea, a good selection of herbal options is also needed. Summerdown’s English Peppermint Tea is a best seller and a great addition if you’re already stocking the chocolate range.  


Hot Chocolate

Once the weather really starts to turn, the mind turns to Hot Chocolate. The warming hug-in-a-mug of a drink comes in to its own around the festive season, but it should not be forgotten about for the rest of the year. Whether it’s warming up small hands on a damp summer afternoon, drunk in front of a firepit whilst camping, or stashed in a flask for those beach trips where you can’t take off your jacket for fear of being blown away, it’s the classic accompaniment to a British summer holiday. B Corp Divine have a great option along with Green & Blacks, but your customers might also enjoy Willie’s Cacao and Sloane’s.