There has never been a stranger time to launch a Christmas campaign than now. With everyone looking to the future for the end of lockdown, for our shopping habits to return to normal, and to plan in events to replace the countless ones that have been cancelled over the last couple of months, planning for Christmas feels perhaps a little optimistic. It remains to be seen if the nation will crave a big Christmas to celebrate getting through such a tumultuous year or if we will still be cautious of mixing socially, if we are allowed to at that point. 

But whether it be big or small, we will all be after those little treats that Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without; the luxury Christmas pudding, an extravagant cheese board, the box of chocolates that takes up residence on the coffee table. We will still want these things, as has been proven by the rise in sales of ‘treats’ in recent weeks, when times get tough, all we want is a little pick me up.

So, Christmas may look a little different this year, but we’ve got all your favourites and a few new things to get you inspired and start putting together those festive wish lists.

If you want to keep your selection small, take a look at Christmas Lockdown Essentials for some inspiration, with everything to keep everyone at home satisfied.


Lockdown Christmas Essentials:

  • SDC60 – Simply Delicious Cake Co. – Loaf Christmas Cake with Whiskey – 8 x 500g
  • DOH42 – Deans – Ally McCoo All Butter Shortbread Assortment – 6 x 500g
  • MOB154 – Monty Bojangles – Large Christmas Town Gift Wrap – 8 x 265g
  • SUM01 – Summerdown Mint – Chocolate Mint Creams – 8 x 200g
  • PYA12 – Peter’s Yard – Mixed Box of Sourdough Crispbreads – 6 x 265g
  • FOR12 – Forest Feast – Mixed Nuts In Shell – 12 x 200g
  • WWB61 – Trustin Foods – Peeled Roasted Chestnuts – 12 x 200g
  • HAW71 – Hawkshead Relish – Christmas Chutney – 6 x 215g
  • POT115 – Potts’ – Cranberry Sauce with Wild Cranberries & Honey – 6 x 275g
  • GDR28 – Gordon Rhodes – Gourmet Sage & Red Onion Stuffing Mix – 5 x 125g